The Shala is home to sacred practices & sancturary for the soul

Our guide to the Shala will help you stay peaceful on your mat and get the most out of your practice.

Advice & Things To Bring Before Class

Food:   Please avoid eating 2 hours before practice. 

Perfume / Deodorant:   Do not wear strong-scented synthetic chemical perfumes to class as the smell can be disturbing to others practicing and it is not good for the lungs. Natural scents such as essential oils are much healthier.

Mats:   We suggest bringing your own mat to class. If you don't have one or forgot it at home we do have a limited number of mats are available. We ask that you please wipe down the mat with the cleaning supplies provided and roll them neatly. Respectfully store the mats as well as all other props back in their place tidely. 

Towels:   Please bringing a yoga towel and a hand towel with you to class, especially if you sweat.   ** Towels for Ashtanga ** Please bring your towel with you to the classes to be used for adjustments.

Time:   Please arrive at least 10 - 15 minutes before class starts. Allow time for check-in, storing things in cubbies, and get situated with your mat and props. If you show up late, your spot may be filled by another student.

Parking:   Please be sure you DO NOT block a car or driveway with your car! Leave plenty time before class so that you find a suitable parking space even if it requires a few minutes extra to walk to the Shala. Please note parking spaces are limited in the area. 

Injuries:   In order to avoid hurting yourself, please let your teacher know if you have any injuries so that we can offer modifications. Sometimes our teachers give adjustments or assists in class, please tell your teacher before class begins if you would prefer not to be adjusted.

At The Shala

Ringing The Door Bell:   The doors will usually be open for class at least 30 minutes prior to class. We ask that you do not ring the studio's or any of our neighbours buzzer or doorbell. Please be aware that ringing the bells may be disturbing as there might be another class still in session. Keep the main building door a little open so that nobody else has to use the buzzer. Check that the door is open before buzzing as often people buzz when in fact the door is a little open already. If for any reason the door is closed please call the studio or your teacher. Contact details are listed on the "Contact" page on the webiste and MINDBODY. Your teacher's contact will also be available on the website under "The Community" and in the App.

Inside The Building:   No talking! Maintain complete silence when walking up the stairs to the Shala and please no speaking until you are within the Shala with the door closed behind you. This is to ensure peace, quiet, and respect for our neighbours.

Shoes:   The Shala is a barefoot / sock only zone! Please take your shoes off and leave them at the entrance of the Shala. You may also carry them with you to the cubbies for safe keeping. 

Cubbies, Personal Items & Mobiles:   Please store your personal items in the cubby shelf outside of the Practice room so that we may have space and tidiness. Mobiles must be switched off or on silent and resist the temptation to bring it into the main practice room. Use this time to detach and connect to the soul!

Water:   Do not drink water during class and leave all water bottles outside the main Shala. It’s a good idea to hydrate before and/or after class.

Savasana:   This is the most important pose of the class. Please do your best not leave early.

Silent Space in the Shala:   The Shala is your sacred space to unwind and go inwards. Please respect this silent space for those who require this safe space and keep any conversations to the kitchen area only.

Be miandful, considerate and compassionate, not just with others but also with yourself.

Be caring and patient with your body. Love it. Respect it. Appreciate it.

 With constant practice . . . all will come!