Sangha: The Power of Community

Tribe or community is important. We come together to practice, to remember, to forget, to fall apart and to be rebuilt. Being surrounded by others helps to support  and motivate us during challenging times on and off the mat. One will notice the subtle differences and effect that a Mysore practice has on the practitioner. There is somthing beautiful is being surrounded by others, who are on the same path, have been through it, or are just starting on their journey.

One of my trachers, Janet Stone, offerd her view point on sangha: " . . . Sangha, (is) a togetherness that can help remind us of the power of connectivity amidst the impermanence of this solitary path. Sangha is that which binds and guides us while we’re here. Ultimately we each go through this life in our own body, with our own perspective, but gathering those around who have a different viewpoint can offer a wider vision while here. And finding companions on the way who share this weird desire to wake up—well, that’s something, too. Maybe everything . . . Someone asked the Buddha which is the most important, the most indispensable—the teacher, the teachings, or the sangha, the community of spiritual friends. Which one, they asked, is the deal-breaker, the sine qua non, the one we just can’t do without if we want to wake up. You know what he answered? . . . Yeah: sangha. Because we walk this path alone and yet we can’t walk this path alone. Or maybe we can, but we sure won’t make it very far." - from her blog.

There are many reasons why community is cruicial to our wellbeing... but especially in these times of turmoil and tragedy, it is important for us to reach out and support or help those who need it . . . in any form, in whatever way we can.

This space gives the Shala Tree the opportunity to build or hold community and spread awareness about some important initiatives and projects that we are honored and humbles to be part of in service and support. 


Yoga Mandala Project


This year the Shala Tree joined the incredible and inspiring teachers of the Yoga Mandala Project (YMP), a Non-Profit Organization, thats aims is to teach Yoga to Refugees.

A community of teachers, body-workers, coaches and healers volunteer their time practicing Karma Yoga, a core concept in the practice of Yoga, by going to the center and sharing practice with those who have been traumatized by war and effected by the displacement. 


>>> We have dedicated Monday evenings at the Shala to raising donations for the Project and holding space for the teachers that volunter their time to teach at the YMP. The class will be a donation-based class... so you can come practice for free AND serve those impacted by war by offering a simple donation. We will also be putting up a "Wish List" soon of items that is needed to support the center.